Short term loans

Looking at short term loans

What’s the real value of a short-term loan? Depending on which angle you look at the idea from, short term loans can either be quaint financial services with a minor niche in mind, or revolutionary life-savers for the UK masses.

Over recent years, online loans have been panned quite consistently by many critical groups as unable to bring the British public anything other than misery. By contrast however, said UK public seems to have a very different take on the subject and is right in the midst of a love-affair with sensible and intelligent cash solution, long after the so-called honeymoon period has worn-off.

Why exactly?

Simple really – there’s no other realistic, or at least legal way of getting hold of small cash sums in the space of ten minutes.

Try as you might to keep above water but chances are that from time to time you’ll find yourself on your way to sinking due to one of life’s many relentless curve balls. Take for example the classic case of being unable to make a bill payment after getting a bit carried away on other expenses – not the most dramatic of scenarios in the surface, but it soon could be.

Say a payment bounces because there wasn’t enough in your account. This could lead to penalties from the creditor for not paying the bill, interest rate hikes, a bounced payment fee from your bank which summarily sends you overdrawn – thus bringing overdraft fees, penalties and a double-helping of credit score damage.

And if all of the above wasn’t bad enough, it’s even worse in instances when a £50 loan would have been enough to prevent the whole mess – exactly why short terms loans are of such value and importance across the UK.

Real Reasons

There are literally infinite reasons why a person could need a small cash boost while waiting for their payday – most of which are pure common sense and largely inescapable. As such, it is frankly quite astounding that even at this point in time, major lenders are only ever inclined to offer help to those with stunning credit scores, plenty of time to wait and generally so much financial security that they don’t really need any help.

For the other 99% of us, it’s down to the more innovative financial services like those offering instant loans – aka the payday loans we hear so many tales about.

With payday loans it is all about common sense rather than basic assumptions…and we all know what assumptions make. There is no call for a credit score check and no lengthy application processes as the only thing that counts is whether or not the applicant can clearly pay back the loan this time around. And if they can, why should their financial dealings from five-years ago count for anything?

Exactly, they should not because they do not!

There is a friend on the side of anyone in need of genuine help from time to time and is comes in the form of the short term loans being offered by genuine, reputable and trustworthy payday lenders.

Just make the right choice with the source of the cash and you really can’t lose.